Use these 10 first aid tips while traveling with your dog!

SilverFido dog seat covers for cars has got your back when it comes to unexpected accidents, but you never know what else could happen while traveling with your pets. You can never be too prepared, that’s why we recommend these 10 simple tips in case of a pet emergency.
1. It may sound like a no brainer, but it is always important to keep a hard copy of emergency contacts for pets. Other paperwork such as vaccination and medical records are also a good idea to keep handy, especially if you leave your pet with a dogsitter.
2. In the case that your dog ingests something toxic, it is a good idea to keep hydrogen peroxide handy. Hydrogen peroxide helps to induce vomiting, which can get messy; however, your pet car seat cover will prevent any big mess from happening while traveling.
3. Gauze, tape, scissors, and rubber gloves are a must for any first aid kit. For obvious reasons, gauze and tape are good to have in case of any cuts or wounds your dog experiences. These items can also be used as a temporary brace and even a makeshift muzzle.
4. Antibiotic ointment is always smart to have in your first aid kit, especially if your dog is very active. If your dog encounters a wound, antibiotics will help relieve any pain and prevent infection.
5. Always keep collapsible food and water bowls while traveling. In the event that your dog starts overheating, not only will your SilverFido dog seat cover prevent matters from getting worse, but a handy water bowl will help as well.
6. Bottled water and small packets of food or treats are obvious items to keep in a first aid kit for your pets, but they are often overlooked and forgotten about. Be sure to keep these items fully stocked while traveling.
7. If you happen to forget your car seat cover for dogs, a blanket or towel can be substituted.  Just like SilverFido’s dog seat covers for cars, a blanket can be used to normalize the temperature of a hot surface, prevent messy accidents, and provide comfort.
8.    Keeping an extra collar and leash, as well as several poop bags are a must for your pet’s first aid kit. Leashes can easily break, so in case you are on a trip to the vet or elsewhere, having an extra leash handy is a wise choice. Your dog will also be going to the bathroom a lot if he or she becomes sick, so we suggest keeping many doggie bags in the car.
9.    In case your pet experiences a traumatizing event or is in the midst of a high stress event, a favorite toy or blanket with a familiar scent can help calm and soothe your dog.
10.    A flashlight is always a good idea to keep in your first aid kit. Although it is not always necessary, it is a good idea to have if your dog becomes injured or gets a small splinter that is difficult to see.
SilverFido pet car seat covers are the perfect accommodation for pet emergencies, not only because they help keep your car clean, but because they provide comfort and safety for your dog during a time of need. Stay tuned next week for more tips on traveling safely and comfortably with your furry friends.
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