Travel safer with SilverFido dog seat covers for cars!

Do you want to know why traveling is safer with SilverFido, while also saving you from a lot of stress and problems that comes with driving with your dog in the car? SilverFido focuses on the safety and quality of travel for your four-legged friends. We started to produce SilverFido dog seat covers for cars in order to solve the common problem regarding dirt on your car seats. Due to its specially designed material, overheating in the hot summer months is no longer an issue for your pets. However, it is known that traveling with your four-legged friend is not always safe for multiple reasons. A freely moving dog while driving can be a big problem, both for the driver and your pet. Not only can it be a distraction, but be the cause of an accident as well. Just imagine your dog jumping into your lap while driving at a bad time! Additionally, there is a fine for drivers who do not properly secure their pets while driving. In some states, these fines start at $250 and can increase up to $ 1,000.

Because we love our customers, we want to make their lives carefree, safe, and happy. Therefore we are including a special gift with our SilverFido dog seat covers for cars! Starting on April 10th, car safety belts for your pets will be included as well. This belt is designed to harness your pet to the car seat, limiting movement around your car and ensuring that your pet will be protected in the case of an accident. This mechanism works by spreading the weig
ht of your pet throughout the harness when sudden impact strikes, as described in the article
Dog-stracted driving: How your dog puts you at risk” by Cesar Millan.

Limit the risk of unnecessary injury to you or your pet, and avoid unnecessary fines with SilverFido! After all, it is so easy to make traveling with your pet not only stylish, but safe too. SilverFido dog seat covers for carsĀ and your special gift is waiting for you to provide comfort and safety.

Dog seat covers for cars


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